About us



Tesed means thinking about you.
Without fear. Without doubts.
Without judgement. Without expectations.
Loving and accepting yourself just as you are. “

Our goal is to support, teach and promote personal growth, improving current life conditions and preparing ourselves for the future.

We are a team of therapists that facilitate healing and educate others on how to maintain and promote health.

We are pioneers in holistic disciplines, such as Full-Body Reflexology, Tesed and Biogravitational Energy.

We conduct individual and group sessions, run advanced training courses as well as workshops for professionals and everyone who is interested.

We promote events and different initiatives to spread the word and share our passion: a concept of health that is anchored on the individual responsibility of the self and the body as an organism with self-healing properties.

Our practice and initiatives respect individual differences and everyone’s free will.


Promote, via content sharing and teaching, the access to a better society: where there is respect, justice and health.


Teach how to question life itself, looking at it from a broader and more enlightened perspective.

Take actions that lead to self-awareness and personal growth.

Offer therapies that support individual growth as well as physical and psychological well-being.

Train therapists that bring these principles to their everyday practice, professionally or not.



Tesed means thinking about you.
Without fear. Without doubts.
Without judgement. Without expectations.
Loving and accepting yourself just as you are. “

We can only expect to fully comprehend our bodies’ manifestations if we look at it from a holistic perspective that recognizes its connections to the mind and the natural law.

The path towards a fulfilled, tranquil and happy life is simple: it depends entirely on us and the choices we make. Therapists do not magically produce a cure, but they are able to understand the language of our bodies and the signs we give away, helping us implement the change we need so we can live in harmony and experience a deeper sense of satisfaction. We personalize our therapeutic approach according to each person’s needs and means.

At Tesed, we offer pluriannual solutions that have been created to suit different audiences:

_ Tesed for you:

Treatments, Training, Workshops for different audiences and age… because there are no limits to health!

_ Tesed for business:

Team building, Personal and group development, Self-esteem, Business focus, Stress management, Fighting jet lag, Individual and group consultations and training (in the office, at home or offsite).

“One for all, all for one!”

_ Tesed for beauty salons and natural therapy centres:

Tailored treatments, Therapeutic consulting, Health academy, Natural beauty treatments, hand-made biological products (balms, creams, essential oils), Training, Workshops.

Professionals to professionals: we offer quality services and guarantee results.

_ Tesed for future societies:

We collaborate with different associations and offer holistic and non-invasive treatments and protocols targeted at different diseases. We work with two goals in mind: 1) heal the individual and 2) train and support those who care for them, so they can apply our holistic care techniques in a consistent fashion to improve their well-being.

Paulo Pais

(Founder, TESED and NVR – Neurovisceral Reflexology)

After having studied Clinical Hypnosis, Foot Reflexology, Iridology and Craniosacral Therapy, Paulo started his clinical practice in 2009. In addition to the therapeutic techniques mentioned above, he has also studied Chinese Medicine and Visceral Manipulation. Paulo thinks of medicine as a broad field of knowledge, and his positioning as a professional reflects this: from the onset, he looks at each human being holistically. Deepening this viewpoint, he founded the concept of Integrated Holistic Medicine (IHM) in 2011. During the following year, Paulo worked on putting into practice the IMH theory and developed two therapeutic methods, TESED and NVR, examples of how the body, mind and soul are three pieces to an integrated whole.

Susana Silva

Susana started her therapy and personal development training in 2007, and that was when she found her true passion – Reflexology. She later attended multiple seminars that focused on zone therapy, where she learned about emotional patterns and states of imbalance. She’s been training therapists since 2009 all over the country. As someone who constantly likes to evolve and learn, Susana was acquainted with a new approach to reflexology, popular in Northern Europe: Full-Body Reflexology, which marked a turning point in her clinical and teaching approach and since 2014 that she dedicates to teaching reflexology with her own method – Tesed Method.

Sara Di Chiazza

Sara is a fascial therapist who learned from doctor Marco Montanari, in Bologna, at the Fascial Integration School. She specializes in Full Body Reflexology, the most thorough and effective branch in reflex therapies. It is by working on superimposed and crossed maps of reflex points on our bodies that therapists can help us reach a physical, emotional and mental balance (Trainer: Siv Elisabeth Harestad). Sara has studied and trained in different Ayuervedic Centres. She’s a certified Cultural Anthropologist, Naturopath, Ayurvedic Coach (Trainer: Dt. Ram Mani Bhandari) and Ayurvedic Masseuse (Abhyanga; Therapeutic; Shantala; Garshana; Udvartana; Shirodhara).