The Ascension unit aims to promote an understanding of the TESED process and its applications as a therapist, but also as an individual. It aspires to have us raise our consciousness and our unique vibration in order to be able to guide others in their ascensional proceeding.

Ascension starts as soon as we accept our mission. During this practice, the mind is required to work in a more organized fashion so that our soul can fully embrace us. We become who we truly are. We allow the Pupil to become the Master: we take the Soul as our guidance, instead of the Mind.

Through Ascension, the therapist can wholeheartedly grasp the meaning of cure and the implications it has for each one of us.

Main goals

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Learn how to facilitate the ascension process;
  • Be an Ascensional Guide;
  • Apply Gematria to their Mission, Origin and Soul-self.


Specific objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Realize their Mission and their Origin;
  • Recognize and apply the Ascension Therapy Spinal Cord Code;
  • Be an Ascensional Guide;
  • Apply Gematria to their Mission, Self, Service and Origin;
  • Comprehend the ascension process and consciously recognize its development and signs.
Number of hours (*)
Mission 4h
The meaning of “I am what I am” 2h
What is my Origin and what is my Service 2h
Ascension Therapy Spinal Cord Code (ATSCC) – Part I 8h
ATSCC Practice – I groups of 4 8h
ATSCC Practice – I Patient – Therapist 4h
Ascension Therapy Spinal Cord Code – Part II 8h
ATSCC Practice – II groups of 4 6h
ATSCC Practice – II Patient – Therapist 4h
Being an Ascensional Guide 2h
Gematria – Mission, Self, Service and Origin 4h
Spinal cord of the group – building leadership 4h
Total 64h
(*) The course is delivered over 4 weekends
Next dates

September 2017



4 months (1 weekend per month)



Saturdays 2 – 8 pm

Sundays 10 am – 8 pm


Course fee

Full course (4 months): €800

> 10% discount with upfront payment: €720

> 4x monthly instalments of €200

Paulo Pais

(Founder, TESED and NVR – Neurovisceral Reflexology)

After having studied Clinical Hypnosis, Foot Reflexology, Iridology and Craniosacral Therapy, Paulo started his clinical practice in 2009. In addition to the therapeutic techniques mentioned above, he has also studied Chinese Medicine and Visceral Manipulation. Paulo thinks of medicine as a broad field of knowledge, and his positioning as a professional reflects this: from the onset, he looks at each human being holistically. Deepening this viewpoint, he founded the concept of Integrated Holistic Medicine (IHM) in 2011. During the following year, Paulo worked on putting into practice the IMH theory and developed two therapeutic methods, TESED and NVR, examples of how the body, mind and soul are three pieces to an integrated whole.

Susana Silva

Susana started her therapy and personal development training in 2007, and that was when she found her true passion – Reflexology. She later attended multiple seminars that focused on zone therapy, where she learned about emotional patterns and states of imbalance. She’s been training therapists since 2009 all over the country. As someone who constantly likes to evolve and learn, Susana was acquainted with a new approach to reflexology, popular in Northern Europe: Full-Body Reflexology, which marked a turning point in her clinical and teaching approach and since 2014 that she dedicates to teaching reflexology with her own method – Tesed Method.

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