One can only expect to fully understand the human body and its manifestations by adopting a holistic and integrated approach. It is important to recognize and cherish the relationship between mind and body, and their connection to the laws of nature.

The path towards a fulfilled, tranquil and happy life is simple: it depends entirely on us and the choices we make. Therapists do not magically produce a cure, but they are able to understand the language of our bodies and the signs we give away, helping us implement the change we need so we can live in harmony and experience a deeper sense of satisfaction. We personalize our therapeutic approach according to each person’s needs and means.

We offer a broad range of solutions. You can find what’s best for you:


Our bodies know what’s best for us. When we let that happen, we achieve a healthy balance. While we continue to believe that our cure is a pill away, we will perpetuate the illusion of what’s more comfortable for us. If, on the other hand, we take full responsibility for our healing, TESED can push us onwards in a rapid and consistent manner.

Let us pick an example. Something trivial, like the flu. How long do you think you need to get over the flu and all of its symptoms? What if we were to tell you that the correct answer will depend on your healing method? Getting over the flu can be a very fast process: it’s not a miracle, we can do that by simply using what we have.

TESED allows you to jumpstart your recuperation process and become more conscious of what causes an illness. It helps you overcome every obstacle that impairs healing, it being physical, emotional or spiritual. It helps you create and adopt a healthier lifestyle, teaching the body how to heal itself.

In this process, different methods are used to achieve different results. We use “biogravitational energy” combined with verbalization, visualization and in-depth feelings as elements to the healing formula.

What can be achieved with TESED?

  1. Magnetic and gravitational alignment of our internal universes
  2. Obstructions are eliminated
  3. New learnings are taken on board
  4. Life developments become more fluid
  5. The power of our internal resources is increased
  6. We become more connected to the collective consciousness
  7. We feel integrated as a whole
  8. We return to your truer essence
  9. We restore the health of our body and mind

Practical information:

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: €45

Therapist: Paulo Pais

Full body reflexology is based on the principle that certain zones and reflex areas (nerve endings) are associated with specific parts of our anatomy. In other words, most zones of our anatomy —the head, the ears, the chest, arms, hands and fingers, thighs, legs and feet — can reflect an image of the entire body.

Our natural healing system does not require a vast amount of external help. But because we adopt an unnatural lifestyle, burying our feelings and personal needs under our daily routine, we sometimes harm our natural energy flow and physical ailments start manifesting themselves.

In order to heal, let’s say, a bad knee, or bouts of anxiety, one can think that trying to stimulate the nerve endings in the knee or the chest is the most obvious treatment. Such practice can certainly be undertaken, but the symptoms are prone to return after some time, because the main cause of the issue has not been addressed.

Full body reflexology is a phenomenal practice because it connects our own bodies to the root of its problems. Our full body reflexology systems are distributed across different layers of our body and they flow in opposite directions, allowing them to work in tandem, energizing one another.

The fact that energetic flows run in antagonist directions is the main reason for problems to come up in pairs. Issues that usually illustrate this are clenched jaws/knee pain and haemorrhoids/shoulder complications.

Practical information:

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: €45

Therapist: Susana Silva


Foot reflexology is a practice that looks at the human subject as a fully integrated system made of body, mind and feelings. Working holistically, the different pieces readjust themselves, alleviating both causes and symptoms and promoting health.

This therapy is based on the importance of the reflex areas in our body. All of our organs have reflexes, which we can trace across our anatomy. Certain areas, however, can be traced and worked on more easily. By stimulating these reflexes, we can help different parts of the body, and achieve an homeostatic state.

The most common reflex hubs are the feet, the hands and the ears. Feet are by far the most popular reflexology zone, as the treatment consists of a pleasant and relaxing foot massage.

In a reflexology treatment, every system is addressed, creating the perfect conditions for the internal self-regulation mechanisms to work. As a result, the previous lack of balance is restored and the body becomes more apt to fight external aggressions.

However, it is important to understand that the healing process can only be complete if there is a change in the habits that led to the lack of balance. Reflexology can be of extreme importance in this as well, helping clients reach a stage where they feel safe and comfortable to do so.

Practical information:

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: €45

Therapist: Susana Silva

The first time you hear about ear candling therapy, it is impossible not to be perplexed: having a candle lit in your ear seems absolutely counter to relaxation!

The truth is that those who are willing to try it quickly become its enthusiasts. This fabulous therapy was used by Native American Indians as a means to cleanse the spirit, expel negative energy and promote the balance of all the different energies in someone’s aura.

The ancient art of ear candling was brought to Europe in the mid 1980s. Since then, the medical benefits of this therapy have been under scrutiny while its popularity kept on growing. Its advantages have been certified by thousands of doctors worldwide.

Also known as thermo-auricular therapy, ear candling can effectively deal with different conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat. It is used by European and American practitioners as an alternative to traditional treatments such as antibiotics, ear irrigations and tympanostomy tubes. Ear candle therapy is also deeply relaxing and soothing.

Practical information:

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: €35

Therapist: Susana Silva


Fascial integration is a compound model that combines different techniques: Postural integration, Rolfing, Myofascial trigger points, Bioenergetics, Gestalt and Psychosynthesis. It works to improve proprioception and posture as a means to address character disorders and neurosis and it gathers the interest of different therapists because of its breadth.

Understanding the role of the fascia in every body movement, but also in disorders and personality traits is the central theme in this line of work, an argument therapists develop and further comprehend as their own vision grows and expands.

Body work that involves the manipulation of connective tissue is becoming increasingly popular and its applications more varied: in addition to specific treatments, it is practiced in wellness clinics, gyms, psychotherapy sessions and quoted in bio-natural disciplines and movement studies.

Fascial integration work addresses every system in the human body. It understands both physical and psychological manifestations and delves into the innermost layers of the self.

In addition to closely examining the body through manipulation and mechanics, fascial integration allows therapists to read other vital signs we give away, providing us with the tools to transform them. Our bodies are not simply matter. They are a reality in themselves, living simultaneously across different universes: physical and incorporeal. Our bodies are able to learn and remember. Our story is written in full in each fibre that we’re made of.

That’s why it is so important to improve the malleability of the fascia. By doing so, we work upon the variables that lead to change. The quality of the contact and the communication with the client are absolutely paramount.

Our fascial practice is a specialized therapy that leads to development and growth: you regain your bodily consciousness and can fully realize the potential of your internal structures, previously stiffened under dense and rigid tissue layers.

The therapeutic path is a learning roadmap the client embarks upon and that will lead to wellness and vitality.

Practical information:

Duration: 1,5 hours (first session) and 1 hour (following sessions)

Fee: €50 (first session) and €45 (following sessions)

Therapist: Sara Di Chiazza


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