Our workshops allow students to explore, in a brief and convenient format, the evolutionary potential of each human being. Enrolment can be motivated by curiosity, a willingness to look after yourself, friends or family, or as the onset for a professional career.

Moreover, these short training programs raise your self-awareness and show you how to better utilize your internal resources in order to improve your health and well-being.

Ear candling

Also known as ear cones or Hopi candles, ear candling is an excellent and non-invasive treatment that targets ailments and conditions that affect the ears, the nose and the throat.

How it works

Candles work using the same principle as chimneys: they bring all the impurities up to the surface of the ear, where they are gently removed. Ear candles can also bring a sense of equilibrium to the head. They also bring about a mild sensation of heat, which is very soothing and relaxing. Most clients find ear candling treatments to be extremely calming, and most of them fall asleep while it is being carried out.

What it addresses

Ringing in the ears, ear wax, blocked ear, sore throat, spring allergies, blocked nose, headache, migraine, sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, pressure imbalances, stress, anxiety, lymphatic system complications.

Goals and target

Ear candling treatments are wonderfully relaxing. They can be carried out on family members and friends, or by therapists who want to strengthen their CVs. The knowledge students acquire during this workshop can address multiple conditions and it includes a unit on lymphatic facial drainage and soothing head massage. All participants will receive a certificate after successful completion of the course.


Ear candling history

What are ear candles

Ear candling therapy: effects, benefits and security

Anatomy and physiology for ear candling therapy

Ear candle treatment

Lymphatic facial drainage and head massage

Trainer: Susana Silva


Self-esteem gym

The self-esteem gym plan gives your body the foundation it needs for a better connection to the self.

The best way to learn this technique is to give it a try. In this workshop, you will learn a simple yet powerful technique that will connect you to your innermost self, boosting your energy levels.

It’s an excellent plan for couples, family members, friends or anyone who aims to improve their outward communication skills. When our internal communication pathways are clear, everything around us becomes clearer.

For therapists, it is a great opportunity to explore a different technique, but also an energetic top-up that can benefit whichever practice they follow.

Trainer: Susana Silva


Did you ever think you should stop making the same mistake over and over again? Why can’t we become more conscious about our own obstructions, so we can overcome them?

In this workshop, we explore the real meaning of “coincidence” and “recurring events” in our lives, so we can learn from them.

If we want to use our free will as a guide, it is important to understand some basic rules about how our energy and intuition work. Time Based Reflexology is a powerful and extraordinary tool that allows us to understand why repetitive patterns take place, and why they seem to regulate fundamental aspects in our lives: relationships, behaviours, attitudes, difficult decision making processes, fear of change, etc.

Using simple exercises and tools, participants will be able to comprehend and unleash the potential they carry within themselves, breaking the mould of old patterns and making life choices that are not tied to the past, but rather their personal satisfaction.

Goals and targets

In this workshop, we will understand the role of the body and its components in creating and upholding repetitive patterns.

Students will learn how to work with the information held in each vertebra and also how to locate the most important reflexes in the spinal cord, as well as its ramifications in the body. Through individual exercises, or in pairs, students will be guided through the discovery of intrinsic body memories and how to release restrictive, painful or inadequate information, opening up new possibilities and drawing a life path that is tied to what they truly want for themselves.


Introduction to Full Body Reflexology

Introduction to Time Based Reflexology

Introduction to 6 elements and 3 cardinal directions

Locating spinal cord and vertebrae reflexes

Exercises (individual and in pairs)

Revising, group debrief and conclusion

Trainer: Sara Di Chiazza


Improving rheumatoid arthritis

Our internal healing system does not require a vast amount of external help. When the healing system itself is threatened, we are looking at an autoimmune disease. With rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system is incorrectly engaged and it starts threatening its own cells as foreign, causing inflammation of the joints and other organs of the body.

This workshop helps students minimize the effects of autoimmune disease, when the body is in conflict with itself.

  • What is the immune system
  • What is rheumatoid arthritis
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Fighting rheumatoid arthritis with reflexology
  • Fighting autoimmune diseases with reflexology

Trainer: Susana Silva


Healing autoimmune diseases

Our natural healing system does not require a vast amount of external help. When the healing system itself is threatened, and it starts treating its own cells and components as foreign, we are looking at an autoimmune disease. In this workshop, students learn how to help the body that is in conflict with itself.

  • What is the immune system
  • What is an autoimmune disease
  • Common autoimmune diseases
  • Fighting autoimmune diseases with reflexology

Trainer: Susana Silva


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